What will you learn with us?


6-10 years, with Cambridge English

Our After School Program is designed to foster growth and development across multiple areas of intelligence. “Multiple Intelligences” theory comes from the work of Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist, which was first published in 1983 in his book, Frames of Mind and is now used as a common framework for both American and British curricula.


This approach helps develop linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, natural and inter/intrapersonal intelligences.

Each child is different and learns differently and teaching in all areas of intelligence ensures that your child learns on a personal level and in the way he/she learns best!


Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun and engaging activity-based English language tests. They introduce primary and lower-secondary level students to everyday written and spoken English, and are an excellent way to gain confidence and improve their English.

The tests are created for children and use topics they are familiar with. All of our exams cover the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students are encouraged to move through the three levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers.


With Cambridge English: Young Learners, teachers can motivate their students to learn English, and parents can see the progress and achievements made. For more information on Cambridge English, please click here.


  • DIY & Crafts club helps develop spatial and kinesthetic intelligence also known as Picture Smart and Body Smart. They will use their hands, feet and minds to create art, interactive projects, and other crafts.

  • We want the children to discover different arts and enjoy them, they do this through personal experience. They will go backstage, apply make-up, learn a script and play a role. They will learn about people and places around the world. This club encourages the development of musical, interpersonal and spatial intelligence.

  • Students will travel to places/ activities around Prague or work on projects connected with the theme we are learning about. This club helps develop linguistic and logical intelligence and provides the students with activities and opportunities they can experience with their friends.

  • This club introduces the Why behind what we eat. The children will widen their tastes as they try new foods and ingredients. They will gain an understanding of healthy food and decide for themselves what they prefer to eat. These experiences will develop logic and naturalistic intelligence.

  • This club helps children develop intra/ interpersonal intelligence and builds confidence. They will learn how to shake hands properly and give out compliments. This intelligence helps children understand social norms, to control emotions and actions, and teaches the skills of making friends and teamwork.

  • This club’s focus is to develop Naturalistic intelligence: the ability to discriminate among living things as well as to be sensitive to other features of the natural world. Sometimes referred to as Nature smart; this intelligence is the building block of logical thinking and the sciences later taught in school.


2-3 years and 4-6 years

Children under the age of six are in the most fertile time of their lives for absorbing the sounds and the meanings of words, developing their motor skills, and laying the foundation for their social-emotional well-being.

These children have brains that are two and a half times more active than that of adults. If children have the right experiences by the time they are six they will have acquired a working vocabulary of 3000 words which is 60% of an estimated average adult vocabulary.

Our morning English classes combine both the American and British curricula and focus on language enrichment, cognitive development, social and emotional development and physical development to provide your child with the best head start in life while he/she is learning English like natives do!


All day program 9-18:00

This full day program is a continuation of our After School Program. It combines our fun clubs and English classes with traditional circle time, field trips, morning and afternoon interactive projects and much, much more! All students are welcome to enjoy our Full day/ Holiday Program.