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About Debee

Deborah Annette Clark (Debee) was born September 21st 1990, into a very large family and raised in the western united states, predominantly the state of Utah. She was homeschooled as a youth and participated in gymnastics/ tumbling. To pay for her gym training she taught young children in “little gym” where she fell in love with teaching. After an accident removed her from competition she continued her studies and finished top 3% of her class from Bountiful High School. Along with other honors she received a Sterling Scholar award and the prestigious Presidential Award of Excellence.


Thanks to these honors and scholarships, she was able to continue her education at the University of Utah. Where she studied: Health and human development, Child development, Child psychology, Early childhood education and curriculum development. She graduated top of her class with a Bachelor’s of science degree. During her years of study, she worked as a teacher, head teacher, director’s assistant, and curriculum developer, in both public and private preschools and kindergartens. She worked with kids six months to six years in these preschools and also taught/ tutored children to the age of 12 in many areas: preparation for elementary school, Math, Science and English.


When she was 21 she taught herself some Czech while living in cities around the Czech and Slovak republics. She then settled down in Prague and started teaching in a private English preschool. She is currently teaching and studying and will soon graduate with her second bachelors in English as a Second Language (ESL/ELL) education. She is certified in child first aid and is a registered first responder. This year she will receive a Child’s Development Associate (CDA) and will be a taking a Czech preschool teaching program. She is proud to call Prague her home and is continually surprised and amazed at the abilities of children to learn and thrive in a second or thirds language!


Žaneta Masnerová was born on the 17th of May 1983 in Písek. She and her brother grew up in a loving, caring family. Until the age of 18 she lived in a small village called Keštrany. There, she and her younger brother enjoyed the privilege of being around animals, views, and adventures found in the Czech countryside. When she was 19 she moved to a village closer to Písek where she attended a local school. After finishing her studies at the primary school she then went on to study at the Písek Business Academy. After successfully graduating she decided to go to university and there she received a Bachelors degree in Social Services and Charity work. During her studies at university she helped in a daily care center “Duha” where her main responsibilities were to care for the handicapped children and work in a Childrens home in Písek. She always enjoyed her work with children! After university she began working full-time at the Children’s home as a social worker. From 2008 she has been working in HR ( human resources). She likes her work with people but deep down she prefers working with children. In the near future she plans to expand her knowledge and do a Montissori course so she can expand her work with children!


About Rebecca

Rebecca Elizabeth Jayne Cusack is a British citizen who was born in Reading in the ceremonial county of Berkshire on the 19th of July 1992. She has 5 half siblings and 2 step siblings. After her parents divorcing she moved with her father to Dartmouth a picturesque town in the English countryside of Devon. There she attended Dartmouth primary school and enjoyed her early childhood growing up on a rural farm. After her father remarried he decided with his new Czech wife that they want to move to the Czech Republic. Nearly at the age of 13 years old Rebecca had to get accustomed to a new life, language and culture. She attended a Czech state primary school where she had to master the Czech language. After finishing primary school she decided to study travel and tourism while focussing in foreign languages.


Throughout her studies she privately tutored British English and also babysat children from 3 months to 18 years old. Furthermore she got a chance to work for SCIO as an English narrator recording texts for the national Czech exams. All of her summer holidays were spent in England were she volunteered to help out at a local primary school. In her last year of college she started working for Prague’s official tourist board. There she gained experience working with different cultures and continuously using her language skills. After graduating with distinction she decided to continue working in tourism. There she started to build a career and became well known in the tourist field. After working in all the main tourist centres in Prague she decided to focus on public relations working at Prague airport. During her time in Prague City Tourism she also was working with the marketing department in promoting Prague to different people of all ages. As part of her job description she had the opportunity to travel around the Czech Republic with the project Roadshow.


After working with the company for 4 years she realised that she enjoys working with children the most and decided to pursue her career in education. She started working in a private English preschool in Prague 5. There it became clear that working with children is her dream job. Throughout her working career she attended a range of first aid courses and is capable of giving basic first response. This year she is going back to school to gain a qualification in preschool education where she will be specialising in pedagogy and physiology. In the near future she is planning on also doing a degree in England focusing her expertise to primary school education.